Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yemen... unraveled facts about my beautiful homeland

What do you know about Yemen besides being a land in turmoil which has been covering the news headlines for the past months, since February 2011? What else do you know besides what you heard about it being the poorest country in the Arab world, a haven for terrorists, the Arab Peninsula Al-Qaeda's base, the ancestral home of Osama Bin Laden, it's people are heavily armed, kidnap tourists and chew Qat?

Let me tell you a few facts about my country which you probably didn't know:
Yemen is the one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it's history dates back to the first millenium B.C and was commonly known as "Arabia Felix" meaning Fortunate Arabia or Happy Arabia. A name which was given to it by the Greek geographer Ptolemy. It acquired this name because of its high mountains which attracted rain, making it more fertile than most of the Arabian peninsula. 
Four of the world heritage sites are in Yemen, in Sanaa, Shibam, Socatra and Zabid. The capital Sanaa, itself is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

Many do not know that Yemen was ruled by two queens. Prior to Islam Yemen was ruled by Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba,  mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran and after Islam by Queen Arwa bint Ahmed Al-Sulaihi (1048- 1138) who ruled Yemen for fifty-five years.

Once Yemen used to be famous for it's coffee and was the center of the world's coffee trade. It was in fact one of the first countries to introduce coffee to Europe. Four centuries ago, it began to export its own coffee brand out of the port of Mocha, a town on the Red Sea and so the coffee became known by the name of this port: Mocha.

Yemen is best known for it's variety and high quality of honey. Sidr Honey from Wadi Doan in Yemen is considered one of the finest and most expensive honeys in the world.

The  unique architecture of Yemen is what distinguishes it from any other country. The Qamariya is a symbol of Yemeni architecture, it is the distinctive and  decorative multicolored stained-glass windows that adorns Yemen’s buildings.

The oldest sky skyscrapers in the world are in Yemen in Shibam in the Hadramut province and consist of  500 mud-built tower houses, some of them reaching 11 floors high. Shibam is often called "the Manhattan of the desert" and is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Yemen is also famous for it's ethnic silver jewelry which is handmade, has unique and timeless designs and also made with rare and genuine beads which are highly collectible items.

Yemenis, contrary to what had been portrayed by the media are among the most friendly and hospitable people. The massive peaceful marches that marked Yemen's revolution is a testimony to how peaceful the people are. Despite the continuos crackdown and violence by security and military forces they continued to march peacefully demanding a regime change and hoping for a better future.

Finally, Yemen is rich with beautiful, spectacular scenery and is famous for it's high mountains and green valleys. I hope you visit and see for yourself ... one day.

This is an open invitation for you to visit Yemen 

It is a journey you will never forget

Yemen also offers adventure tourism

More images of Yemen with the words and tunes of the National Anthem



  1. Absolutely marvelous, I have tears welling up in my eyes . . . !!!

  2. I commend on Noon's efforts. Her work reflects her great love for her country Yemen. And I personally certify on the beauty of Yemen, definitely worth at least a visit, or a longer stay, to get to know its fascinating traditions, its kind-hearted & generous people and its breathtaking scenery. I have wonderful memories and wish to go back one day.. Bravo Noon :)

    1. Thanks for your words Ms Dima, a fascinating TV reporter and also great thanks for NOOOOON.

  3. Well done! Loved the facts, loved the pics... wishing Yemen a day of liberation soon inshallah.

    Luv n Hugz

  4. I loved showing my half Yemeni kids and my family in New Zealand this. Jazaki Allahu khairun!

  5. thank you very much,very informative

  6. Marvels work ... Hope to see more.. I really was amused by reading your article and I am really interested to read more and get to know you as person.. Ur work is astonishing ... As mother of 5 kids I am proud of you.

  7. I found this through a Google search. Nice blog post. I learned a lot. I wish that more people knew the positive things about Yemen. I didn't know about Mocha and the Queen of Sheba.

  8. Thank-you for sharing details about your beautiful country.

    Inshallah, Yemen will be a free country very soon :)

    I support the Yemeni people all the way!

  9. yes noon your so proud yemeniah we as yemenis in the usa proud of you its a very great i mean great work here your also great inshallh your gona see yemen freeeee from all the thougs thank yeminah god bless you all your ppls

  10. Beautiful! Love this! Long due !

  11. Nicely done, this post was very informative. Amazing pictures as well.

  12. im a yemeniah i havent been there for a long time and i just turned 13 this year thanks for reminding me of my lovable contury yemen!!!!!!!!!! :) AND YES IVE BEEN THERE BEFORE HUGS AND KISSES SALLAMM

  13. i love the work u have don it gos to show that yemen is not for one family or one leader yemen is the heart of the arab world and its bigger thin one man or one family lats not forget that we R BROUD MUSLIMS DO SOME MORE WORK TOUCH THE NEED OF WOMEN TO BE IN POWERD WITH IN ASLAM AND THE NEED OF ALL YEMENI TO TAKE THER COUNTRY BACK..

  14. I am Yemeni by blood. Well done on doing such a great job with this page. Long live Yemen!