Sunday, September 4, 2011

Support Yemen's Revolution

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends".  
Martin Luther King

Yemen's revolution has been the longest in the Arab spring and the most peaceful so far. It started on the eve of Mubarak's historical stepping down on February 11th and has been ongoing ever since. The prolonged political crisis in Yemen caused a humanitarian and economic crisis, costing Yemen billions of dollars monthly and resulting in displaced refugees enduring all kinds of hardships. Yemen's youth have been staging marches and camping in sit-in tents across the squares in most Yemeni cities and despite being subject to expired tear gas, live bullets, killings and arrests they have resiliently stood firm demanding a regime change. Electricity, gas, water and food shortages were imposed by the regime on the entire population as a mean to pressure Yemenis and intimidate them, yet they kept marching peacefully demanding their rights.
Yemen's revolution was not given the appropriate coverage which was given to other Arab spring revolutions, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. The obvious media blackout to what is occurring in Yemen is a direct reflection of the lack of support of Western and regional forces to the revolution. As the youth called this weekend for a peaceful escalation and revolutionary steadfast, the regime blocked entrances to major cities, deployed troops in main streets and cut the power and gas supply.
Kindly join in a social media solidarity campaign and support Yemen's Revolution at this critical stage by dedicating most of your Facebook status to support Yemen's revolution and your tweets this week September 4th -11th to the hashtag #SupportYemen.

Thank you 

Yemen's Youth: The best Hope for Democracy
Amazing determination of the Yemeni people

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