Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Break the Silence on Yemen's Peaceful Revolution!

As the mainstream media failed to cover the daily news on Yemen, and was limited to al Qaeda and "Saleh said" news. Yemeni twitters turned into citizen reporters, tweeting the latest updates on Yemen and turned to social media as a tool to advocate support for Yemen's Peaceful and marginalized Revolution.
#SupportYemen was a hashtag that was launched on twitter as part of a social media campaign to raise awareness to what was happening in Yemen, even prior to the Sanaa Massacre. It has been extensively used on twitter, mainly by Yemeni twitters and supporters of Yemen.
A group of activists got together and collectively managed to organize a Worldwide Silent Protest in different cities of the world on September 24th,  calling on participants to put a tape on their mouth and stand for two hours to symbolize the world's silence towards Yemen. The protests were held in:

Alexandria - Egypt
Amman - Jordan,
Cairo - Egypt
Berlin - Germany
Calgary - Canada
London - UK
Moscow - Russia
New York - USA
Paris - France
San Francisco - USA
Washington D.C - USA
Stockholm, Sweden
Photos and videos from the protests can be seen on the Facebook page #SupportYemen

The protest was an outcry by Yemenis and their supporters in these cities, to the world to break the silence on Yemen. They held slogans condemning the silence and posters showing the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the revolution. It was an outcry to support the democracy and freedom of Yemen. It was an outcry to the governments of the world to stop supporting Saleh, but rather support the Yemeni people instead, who have been suffering for 8 months and have been enduring an economic and humanitarian crisises. But it was mainly an outcry to stop the bloodshed and massacres committed by Saleh and his brutal regime against innocent civilians.
Yemeni activists, bloggers, twitters, Youtube channels have used all methods to get the world's attention and support for their legal and just demand to topple the regime and build a New Democratic Yemen.  Yemeni protesters have been marching for months calling for the fall a corrupt regime that has been ruling Yemen for the past 33 years, a regime that turned the country into a profitable family business and kept it underdeveloped, undereducated, undernourished, and placed it on the lowest indicators on all levels, depriving it from basic services and many basic human needs and rights.
The USA and Saudia Arabia each seeking their own interest are the two main supporters of this regime. They have been financially and militarily supporting it, allowing Saleh to commit crimes against his own people and against humanity. Neither the USA nor Saudia Arabia have the right to determine Yemen's future nor choose who is best to lead Yemen. This is entirely the right and choice of Yemenis alone! And there is more to Yemen than the so called "Qaeda" elements, there are 24 million people who's lives are on the line!
Help us break the silence and let the world see what is happening in Yemen. Use the hashtag #SupportYemen and visit the Facebook Page #SupportYemen to express your solidarity.

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