Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karamah Has No Walls

Friday March 18th  is a very tragic day in Yemen's history, a date that is engraved in every Yemeni's memory, better known as Friday of Karamah, i.e Friday of Dignity. It marked a turning point in Yemen's revolution, the point of no return. Around 50 protesters were killed and close to 100 were reportedly injured according to witnesses and medical staff. The police had built a wall and filled it with tires and petrol and after Friday prayer immediately they set it on flames to block the protesters as Saleh's supporters posted on rooftops, allies and houses opened fire on the massive march and caused an unprecedented atrocious and brutal bloodshed. On that day many people, statesmen, diplomats, and soldiers defected and joined the revolution.

"I went to the front of the mosque & rather than seeing people pray I saw bodies", said a cameraman recounting what he saw on that day.

The tragic events of Friday of Karamah was greatly captured through the lens of three cameramen and recounts of eyewitnesses, in a powerful documentary appropriately called "Karamah Has No Walls." It is a collaborative work of Yemeni youth from the heart of Sanaa's Change Square, which successfully conveys to the viewer the emotions, fears and calamity of that bloody day. It is a profound humanitarian message that reflects the enormity of the plight, the magnitude of the suffering and the dimension of the sacrifices of the Yemeni revolution. It also resonates the resolute, steadfast and commitment of all Yemenis to the revolution and it's demands. Above all it is a powerful incriminating piece of evidence documenting one of the regimes' many brutal atrocities & crimes against humanity.

I had the privilege to watch the documentary and although I was not in change square on that day, nor in Yemen for that matter, I was transfered by the forceful images and felt very much present. The powerful documentary was emotionally overwhelming. It left me with a lump in my throat, a sharp pain in my heart and tears in my eyes. I pray for the martyrs who sacrificed their dear life on that day inorder for the rest of us to live a dignified life. Indeed dignity has no limits and it certainly has no walls. I congratulate, salute and thank the wonderful team that was behind this great production, especially my friend Sara Ishaq. "Karamah Has No Walls" is an outstanding documentary that recounts the story of the day that changed Yemen. It is a humanitarian outcry of Yemen's revolution that must to be heard and needs to be screened in every city of the world.
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