Wednesday, October 23, 2013

US Drones Killed Her Family, Does Anyone Care?

"Nada", a young girl who survived the US military strike on the community of al-Majalah in Yemen, in a film still from “Dirty Wars”

She walked out and gazed at the clear blue sky,
Dreading to hear the humming noise or spot the killers that fly.

Her eyes searched, filled with tears,
Painful memories mixed with fears.

The tragedy happened when she was only three.
Yet the cries, the fire, the horror she can still hear, feel and see.

Missile strikes burnt her house and obliterated her entire family.
She was the only survivor who managed to flee.

Her caring father and loving mother are no longer there.
Brothers, sisters, even cousins she played with all vanished, how was that fair?

She has become a lonely orphan with a heartbreaking stare,
Nothing left for her but anguish and nightmares; more than a child can bear.

She wondered, US missiles and drones strikes kill indiscriminately causing pain and despair,
Claim to target "terrorists" which her family wasn't, but does anyone care?
Can anyone stop them, speak out against them, does anyone dare?

This is the story of many families in Yemen for you to share.
Thank you for reading it and for the time you can spare,
to speak up for them and show them WE CARE. 

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful piece!
    This is unfortunately the case in any place the US claims to be attacking "terrorists"; I guess our definitions of "terrorists" and "civilians" differ.
    Then they come calling for "peace".

    Excellent piece.
    Keep on writing.