Saturday, February 14, 2015

What is love...?

It is February 14th again ... that day of the year where people express their emotions to their loved ones with cards, chocolate, flowers, teddy bears or various gifts, while some others prefer expressing it with meaningful gestures. Well, I have to be honest, Valentine was a special day to me too when I was much younger, but as I grew older...and wiser, I felt it was more of a "Hallmark" commercial occasion. It made me think, do we really need an annual day to remind ourselves to tell our loved ones that we love them? That we are blessed to have them in our lives? And that they mean a lot to us?

Expressing our love to those who matter should be done on a daily basis. We should go further than that, if not everyday than at least today. We should show and express our love to others beyond our families and friends. We should extend our love to fellow human beings. We should live by the teaching of "love to others what you love to yourself."

As a parent and mother, I want the best for my children. I want them to be safe, nurtured and nourished. I want them to have a good education, follow their dreams and make a positive change in this world. As a human being, I want that for all the children in the world and I wish that all parents can fulfill that.

Instead of the animosity, hatred and violence we are witnessing today, let us start spreading love, peace and tolerance around the world. Let us start by caring for those beyond our circles, by offering a helping hand, by creating awareness, by donating for those in need and by offering whatever is in our power to make others lives better. That to me is also...LOVE.

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