Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan Karim Syria

The world was awakened today by the heart breaking news of the Hama massacre when tanks moved into the city at dawn to crush ongoing protests. Bashar decided to start the Holy month of Ramdan soaking his hands into more blood by following his father's footsteps who 29 years ago killed around 30,000 people in the same city as he also sent in his troops to crush an uprising. And by doing so he sady turned the eve of Ramadan in Syria from a "Ramadan Karim" (A term Muslims use to greet each other with in the Holy month) to a Ramadan Massacre.
The National Organization for Human Rights said in total 136 people had been killed in Hama and three other towns today. According to Human Rights groups, more than 1600 people have been killed in Syria since mid March.

This is a footage from a hospital in Hama today, filled with killed and injured.
Throughout the past months, the horrific gruesome videos flooding youtube exposed the atrocity of the Syrian regime. It is by far the most brutal in the Arab Spring. Neighborhoods were shelled, homes raided, people abducted, tortured and killed, even children were not spared. 

"This is what it looks like when Syrian forces raid your home", described UN Dispatch's Mark Leon Golderg.

This Syrian revolutionary Dabke song cost the singer Ibrahim Kashoush his life. He was abducted and his throat brutally slit by Bashar's mercenaries, commonly known as "shabeeha" as shown in the graphic video below this. They didn't imagine his song would live on and have even more exposure with his tragic death.

More than 12600 Syrians have been arrested and 3000 others are missing since March. To allow for an International delegation to investigate their disappearance please sign this petition by clicking on the link. 
For months, we have been  we have been hearing and reading of innocent people loosing their lives in Aleppo, Daraa, Deir-ez-Zour, Hama, Homs...etc..
How can any human be still supporting Bashar Al Assad's regime, especially after today's massacre?!! Until when will the world, especially the Arab and Muslim world, remain silent towards these crimes? . And by silent I don't mean just to condemn!!! And I don't mean military action either!!!  The silence is painfully defeaning.
Ramadan Karim Syria. We will fight for you and make sure your cries for Freedom are heard all over. Please pray for Syria.

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