Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yemen Calls For Help

Do you know that in 55% of the most vulnerable families in Yemen at least one family member goes to bed hungry at night? *

Yemen as most know is a poor country, the poorest in the Arab world where 40% of the population live below the poverty line. This has been the case before the Arab spring started, however six months of revolution led to a shortage in fuel, food, water and electricity and aggravated the living conditions in Yemen further.
Hundreds of civilians have been killed and thousands injured by security forces. Prices of necessary commodities have increased due to shortage in supply. Many families have lost their sole bread winner and now have no source of income, while those injured need costly medical treatments. The economic crisis led to the shut down of  private and public factories forced to halt their production and layoff  250,000 workers. The fuel crisis in Yemen had a detrimental affect on all civilian aspects of life besides the shortage of petrol for transportation. Diesel is also needed for power generators for electricity and to pump water from wells.

The Yemen Peace Project has been raising funds for medical and humanitarian relief efforts in Yemen since March. They have launched a new campaign called Fast for Yemen asking US residents to skip a coffee, or a meal in order to donate it's cost to efforts in Yemen, for instance:
      $5 = Skip your morning latte of Frapuccino, provide a day's meal for a family in Yemen
     $10 = Skip lunch with co-workers, provide a week's drinking water fro a family in Yemen
     $15 = Skip a restaurant entre, provide 5 gallons of deisel fuel for hospital electrical generators
     $20 = Cook at home instead of going out, provide crucial medical supplies for protesters and civilians
Click on their link to see how you can donate.
There are now more than 90,000 displaced refugees in the governarates of Abyan, Aden and Lahj due to the constant bombardment and shelling of civilian homes in the fight between government forces and militants. Some of these refugees have been sheltered in 56 schools spread all over Aden and are in need of humanitarian assistance which the government obviously hasn't been providing so far.
We are all Abyan is a Yemeni non profit organization which launched a campaign across Yemen to donations for the Abyan refugees and has representatives in Yemen and other countries. Click on the link to visit their Facebook page to get more details.
The World Food Program (WFP) has been recently trying to increase their efforts in Yemen to cover this need. The hunger relief plan for 14 governerates in Yemen is only operating in four due to lack of funds. The WFP says it's "still in need of 67.4 million to sustain its operations until the end of 2011.  Here is how you can help Support WFP operations in Yemen by clicking on the link.
The clashes between government forces and tribal family of al-Ahmar in Hasaba for weeks, forced many families to flee the capital Sanaa. Many of these families are poor, have no means to support themselves, in addition to facing hardships of being displaced. Yemen Humanitarian Fund Relief is an organization that aims to relief their suffereing. Click on the link to help.
The Islamic Relief USA has been in Yemen providing vital services to relieve poverty and suffering among the 24 million residents. It is currently collecting donations for food, hygiene kits, tents, clothing and blankets. You can participate, advocate or donate, click on the link to see how.

There are other ways you can help besides making a donation, you can spread the word about these organisations, or you can start a fund raising campaign in the country you live in and among your community. Yemeni living in the UK organized a great campaign called UK Yemen Aid. If you live in the UK, kindly contact the group and see how you can help.

Ramadan is starting in the Muslim world on August 1st. It is not just a month of fasting, praying and contemplation, it is a month of giving, similar to the Christmas season. So join in the generosity of this holy month and lend a helping hand to Yemen. There are many ways you can help Yemen so please do. Last but not least on behalf of Yemen and all Yemenis I thank you in advance for you support. Peace.
Yemen Undergoing Its Worst Humanitarian Crisis Ever

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