Monday, September 12, 2011

Support Yemen Project1

Building on the #SupportYemen social media campaign which was launched last week and aimed to generate world support for Yemen's disregarded revolution, a friend and fellow Yemeni activist and blogger came up with this great project. He goes by the name Notuntilhefalls, and that is precisely when our revolution will succeed. However it is not limited just to HIM, i.e Saleh, but also until his corrupt regime and family rule falls too.The project is simple and thoroughly explained. So show your solidarity and join the support Yemen community, take part in this project.
Updates on the project and tips will be posted on the Facebook page #SupportYemen

Support Yemen project1 By : @NotUntilHeFalls

The Aim
• Very simply, to create your personal video to support Yemen.
• You do NOT have to be a Yemeni. You just want to support it and show some solidarity.

The Objectives
• To get the Yemeni diaspora to know each other and form a connection through what we produce.
• Start to develop a creative visual movement to raise awareness and support for Yemen.
• To give us Yemenis abroad the chance to be involved and proactive.
• To share your environment and community and spread awareness of Yemen through it.

• Have fun.

• Any visual recording piece of equipment as you need to create a video.
• Basic editing/uploading skills.
• Ideally a twitter account.
• Social Skills. You can’t be scared of talking to strangers.
The Project
The idea is to choose a question from the ones listed below and to create a video
 from it. It is that simple. There are some criteria to be considered which is important to adhere to. This is a collective project where the individual contribution has to be in sync and harmony with the others. There will be a deadline so that they are all launched at the same time. They will be launched as links on the Twitter timeline using the hashtag #SupportYemen. Whether you link from your blogs, You Tube channels etc is irrelevant. An online gallery of the contributions is being worked on and will be resolved before the deadline. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THESE VIDEOS ARE SHOWN TOGETHER IN SOME FORM. In order to do that it is important to include the hashtag #YEMENPROJECT1 as well as the #SupportYemen hashtag. This will enable me to locate them after they have been launched on time line and to collect them for their final home. Alternatively email me the link to your finished video at

You can also ask me questions about this although it’s so simple I can’t imagine you’ll need to if I did the brief correctly.

The Rules
• You can’t be in the video. You have to stay behind the camera.
• Videos should be a maximum of 7 minutes long. Not less than 5.
• Your voice can’t be heard asking the question. Leave that to the title of the
• Friends and family can be included but the challenge is to talk to people you don’t know. Go for as wide as variety as possible. Get as big a cross section of people as your environment allows.
• If you choose a question that requires a monosyllabic answer, or you are getting monosyllabic answers then obviously meet a lot more people
• Do not ‘massage’ the results.
• Do not try to influence the answers. This is as much about us learning as informing
• The video is about the people’s reaction and answers to your questions nothing more should be included.
• This is where your individuality and creativity is crucial in bringing this to life. Remember to balance your creativity with the fact that we are doing this for Yemen. So respect that.
o You choose your music for the video
o You choose how to style it. Think of how to make your video stand out. Maybe it could be black and white? Maybe it’s about the lighting. Maybe it’s a location. It’s all up to you as long as you match the requirements above. Just try to make your individual contribution memorable somehow.
o Enjoy making it!!!

The Questions
Choose ONE of the following questions and use it to make your video. How people respond is up to them. Some require an audience who know about Yemen. Others don’t. Faithfully record and include. Don’t ignore negative comments, or edit the outcome in anyway. These videos aspire to be an education to the viewers and to us Yemenis
• Do you know where Yemen is?
• Tell me three things you know about Yemen?
• What message do you want to send the people of Yemen?
• How should the people of Yemen break the media blackout?
• What are your perceptions of Yemen?
• What would you like the Youth to do next?
• What should Yemen’s top 5 priorities be post Saleh?
• What are your predictions for Yemen’s Arab Spring?


The Deadline
• 24th of September. This is ample. Just want to give it time to get as much people involved as possible

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