Saturday, October 22, 2011

Support Yemen's Struggle for Democracy and Freedom

The people of Yemen have spoken and chose peace, therefore the international community has to firmly support Yemen inorder for the bloodshed and violence to stop. 

 "We have the dream, and we have the ability...we will not stop here, we will build our country," Karman said. "We tell Saudi that they should stand with the Yemeni people. And anyone who doesn't stand with our people, they are the losers. We know what it means to be free, and we will achieve it." Of today's vote at the United Nations, Karman said, "The international community has to create pressure on Saleh. ... "Dictatorships are going down and are done. There are a lot of scenarios for the end of those running away like Ben Ali did. Or to be held accountable and prosecuted just like Mubarak, or maybe getting killed like Gaddafi. In Yemen, we will have our own scenario. We will not go in the direction of violence. And I ask the international community not to let Yemen go in that direction."

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