Sunday, October 23, 2011

#SupportYemen - This is Why I Do

I have been tweeting, blogging, posting on different pages and groups on facebook urging people to #SupportYemen. Now I want to tell you why I support Yemen.
Yemen is my country, my homeland, the land of my ancestors and where my heart belongs. I support it and support the revolution because Yemen has been living in poverty, sickness and illiteracy for years. It is time for CHANGE. Yemen needs to rise after 33 years of corrupt rule and underdevelopment. Yemeni have the right to live a dignified life. They have the right to proper education, proper schools and teachers, proper health facilities, medicine and services. They have the right to express their opinions and not fear harassment, arrests and torture as a result. They have the right to feel safe in their country knowing that the army is there to defend and protect them, rather than defending the ruling family and killing them. They have the right to justice and an independent judiciary system. They have the right to elect and choose who to govern them and to know that Yemen's resources and financial aid is going to the proper channels for it's development and not to the bank accounts of the ruling family and corrupt regime members. Yemeni have the right to live in peace and safety and enjoy basic uninterrupted services, such as electricity, water and fuel.
Yemen is facing a grave economic, humanitarian and refugee crisis which is deteriorating as the revolution is prolonged due to Saleh's defiance to relinquish power. The current brutal regime needs to be removed immediately to stop the bloodshed and suffering of many Yemenis.
I live abroad and am blessed to have a good safe life and enjoy many services, and I want all my country men and women to live a comfortable and safe life too. My heart goes out to Yemen and the conditions the people have been living in, which just got aggravated since the revolution started, almost 9 months ago. So many lives have been lost and many are still facing continuos danger due to the ongoing violence and humanitarian hardship, yet the peaceful struggle continues.
I want my country to be safe so it can flourish and prosper. Yemen is a beautiful country and Yemenis have great potential and deserve a better life. There are many reasons why I support yemen, these were just a few.

Join us make that change by supporting Yemen.
Visit our Facebook page: #SupportYemen
Follow our twitter account: @SupportYemen
Visit our website: (coming soon)
Volunteer to support our campaign, download and fill out this form
Donate to: YemenPeaceProject
Read: Yemenbloggers
Listen to: VoicesfromYemen, here is my voice: No 6 - @Noonarabia
Share the #SuppotYemen Video Campaign and any youtube videos related to Yemen and it's revolution such as this powerful one: Yemen: The Mother of All Revolutions
Use one of the #SupportYemen photos as your profile.
Follow Yemen's news, for reliable and constant updates visit this Facebook page: News of the Yemeni Revolution
Sign the petition: Saleh must be held Accountable
Write about Yemen in your newspapers, blogs, facebook profiles and tweets.
Follow events in your country through the #SupportYemen facebook page and join the protests.
Write to the policy makers in your country to support Yemen and impose sanctions against president Saleh. Lobby for Yemen's democracy and freedom.
Read this blog posting by a fellow activist for Simple Ways to Support Yemen from Abroad

The atrocities and blood shed in Yemen need to stop and we need the International Community's support and your support.


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