Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Yemeni Youth reject the GCC deal

There were many reactions upon Yemen's president's Saleh signature to the GCC deal in Riyadh yesterday, some were joyful and relieved and the majority like myself were disappointed. As this report by AljazeeraEnglish shows: 

The GCC initiative did not address nor serve the demands of Yemen's peaceful Youth who are the backbone of the Revolution, instead it benefited Saleh, his regime and those who were involved with them.
The revolution demanded the fall of the regime, not Saleh only, yet the GCC deal allows the regime to exist but in a different form. Many reject the initiative for offering Saleh impunity. Ibrahim Alsaydi, one of the revolutionary youth expresses this clearly on AljazeeraEnglish in this video:

Nobody knows for sure what the GCC agreement consists of and many are left to wonder what was it that made Saleh happily agree to sign it this time, after backing off three previous times. 

A statement expressing the views of the majority of the people in the squares of Change and Freedom throughout Yemen by CCYR, reads as follows:

Sana'a, 23 Nov—The Civil Coalition of Youth Revolution (CCYR) announced rejection of the Gulf's agreement on Yemeni crisis, which was signed by President Saleh's regime and the opposition Wednesday in Riyadh.

The statement said that the agreement "has provided immunity to the regime, which enabled him to continue killing during the last period and it also will provide the regime's officials a chance of unaccountability and unpunished, as well as being make it as a future partner able to disrupt the desired change." 
It stressed refusal of what it called "concessions" made by the opposition factions that signed the deal. It renewed adherence to the goals of the peaceful revolution and continuation of the revolution until "overthrow the authoritarian regime of president Saleh, bring them to trial and establishing the foundations of a modern, civil and democratic state". Click here to read more.

Last night, a couple of hours after the initiative was signed many marched in Taiz rejecting that deal and condemning the opposition (JMP) for signing it and calling it a day of the "Beginning of the Revolution."

Today in Sanaa, marches condemning the GCC deal were attacked by Saleh forces, resulting in five killed and at least 30 injured.  This video shows Saleh thugs opening fire on peaceful protesters in today's march in Sanaa, just a day after the agreement was signed. Is this is the first implementation of the agreement?!

Noble Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkol Karman, along with many who started this revolution rejected the GCC initiative months ago, from Change square in Sanaa,  "the revolution announces it's complete rejection of the initiative and confirms it's resolute demand which is the fall of the entire regime now and all it's symbols".

The revolution did not end with the signing of the GCC initiative. Marches are planned all over Yemen and the world to express Yemeni people's rejection to the initiative.

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