Monday, February 27, 2012

For My Little Angel

On a day like this, a part of me died forever.
The loss and the grief, my heart did sever.
The devastating pain turned into tears,
And ever since, have been rolling down for years.

I wish there was something I could have done.
I wish I was there to save you, my little son.
It took a while to realize that you were really gone,
An agonizing reality, which I could not shun.

I will never see you grow up, nor go to school,
Share with me things, you would think are "cool".
I will never see you turn into a fine young man,
Pursue your dreams and be anything you can.

You will always be my little toddler,
And in my thoughts I imagine you getting older.
You now have a new cute little brother,
Who gave us back the joy and the laughter.

My little angel, you are always in my heart,
No matter where you are, we are never apart.
Masking my grief and sorrow, I mastered like an art,
But there are days like today, when I just fall apart.

Six years later, my heart still aches like it was yesterday,
I know that this pain will never go away.
My only remedy is to cry, cry and pray,
And deal with each emotion, day by day.

I miss your adorable curls and your lovely giggles,
I miss your chubby cheeks and your joyful shrieks,
I miss your soft kisses and your tender hugs,
I miss caressing and holding you so tightly in my arms.

Wherever I turn I see your face,
In every corner I feel your trace.
My only solace is that you are in a better place,
Soon we will be united with God's grace.

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  1. :( .. My heart goes out to your loss. He is in a way far better than this planet. He's with the Almight, Allah! <3