Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ultimate Truth

Today was just like any other ordinary Friday, where my husband and sons usually go to prayers and then we all go out for lunch. We were about to reach a friend's house, where we were invited for lunch, when I received a call. One of my close friends was at the other end and asked me in a shaky voice to urgently go over. I dropped my family and rushed quickly to her place and there was my friend in tears while her mother was sitting peacefully yet motionless on the sofa. I reached for her pulse but there was nothing. The ambulance came right after my arrival and tried CPR but all was in vain, her heart had stopped and she was announced dead. May God have mercy on her sweet and kind soul and may she rest in peace. Today my friend lost her beloved mother and I lost a dear person I called "aunt".

I was faced again with death for the third time in my life. I had witnessed the death of my own father almost 18 years ago and my son's 7 years ago, both deaths were extremely painful and shook me to the core. However today was another vivid reminder of the moment of truth which we can never escape nor delay, yet many seem to forget. As painful as the moment was, stirring all kinds of memories and feelings of grief, loss and sorrow as much as it was an intense moment of realization. I was reminded once again that we will all also perish and be swept away in a body bag and eventually be buried in the dust. Nothing really matters, whatever accomplishments and status we achieved, all the material gains we collected over the years will not be with us at this moment, our corpse and all our good deeds only is what will be left of us.

"To God we belong and to Him we shall return" as stated in the Holy Quran. Whatever faith we belong to, or not, and no matter how different our journey in life is, we will all be faced with same end. What will remain is the good we did and the memory we will leave behind. Hence. let us make our lives worthwhile, let us reflect and see what really matters, let us make a difference while we are still alive. Let us make peace with ourselves and with others. Let us not have any regrets. Let us all remember that we are mortal human beings, from earth we were created and to earth, eventually, we shall return.
Let us never forget that death is the ultimate truth in this life...


  1. Indeed Death the ultimate Truth (ALHA2)

  2. ان لله وان اليه راجعون
    somehow we tend to forget which is another gift by God.